Our Mission

Girls Rock Cincinnati is a music and creative arts summer camp for girls and gender-variant youth ages 12-18.

By providing workshops and technical training to girls and gender variant-youth ages 12 - 18, we create leadership opportunities, cultivate a supportive community of peers and mentors, encourage social change, and foster the development of life skills.

We are a volunteer-run organization that believes all girls and trans youth should have access to camp regardless of cultural background, disability status, or sexual orientation. We work to ensure that anyone interested in attending will not be denied due to transportation or financial barriers.

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There are such few places where I feel really integrated in a community that’s doing real stuff that I care about; I want to cultivate the space that I’ve missed out during the formative years of my life, I want to be the role model I needed at that age."

— Marlo Salem, Director

our organizers


Marlo Salem

is the Executive Director of Girls Rock and the Artistic Programs Coordinator of Price Hill Will. They are committed to radical change through creative communities and collective healing.


Holly Meyer

is the Camper/Parent Coordinator, a music teacher, and vocalist who has always been passionate about empowering young people to create, share, and build communities through art.


Anissa Pulcheon

is the Digital Communications Coordinator, art/design person, and musician most interested in helping others express themselves, and thinking about the future(s).

We believe in the radical healing power of community, representation, and making music together, and cannot wait to witness what our campers will create.

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